FSF on Secure Boot: Restricted Boot is Malware!

Distributors of restricted systems usually appeal to security concerns. They claim that if unapproved software can be used on the machines they sell, malware will run amok. By only allowing software they approve to run, they can protect us.

This claim ignores the fact that we need protection from them. We don’t want a machine that only runs software approved by them — our computers should always run only software approved by us. We may choose to trust someone else to help us make those approval decisions, but we should never be locked into that relationship by force of technological restriction or law. Software that enforces such restrictions is malware.

More details at the FSF website

What do YOU want here?

…and how did you get here, anyway?


LBo is an expired project. And still, some 50 people from all continents (except Antarctica) come here each day since the old tutorials have been restored. This is something that really excites me.

So what I would like to know is: Do you actually find what you were looking for? Why did you come, what did you search? Are the old tutorials – some outdated, some timeless – enough? What are your questions, what are your Linux-problems? Is there anything the linux community can do for you right now?

You can’t all be crawlers or bots – so please tell us in the comments :)



King of Geeks

Nice homestory in Wired-Magazine about Linus Torvalds: The King of Geeks (And Dad of 3)

“Jobs had this wonderful design sense of taste. He created these beautiful products that everybody loved,” he says. “Linus has engineering taste, and that’s the thing that kind of makes him special. He can look at all these potentially competing solutions and cut through the bullshit and say, no this is the right one to choose.”

Here we go again! More or less…

Well, it surely has been a while…but I am glad you came by this road one more time.

LinuxBasics.org had been lost. And it has been my fault. When I had to move servers in a hurry, I must have forgotten to copy the LBo-Archive to the new machine. And as Murphy’s Law constitutes, if one thing goes wrong, all other backups fail, too.

To cut the long story short: To recover from Archive.org is a major pain. Today I found an old backup of the site in the original DokuWiki format. Moving these files to the current WordPress-Installation proved much easier.

The site might not be as complete as it was in its prime, but I think there is most of the stuff present. At least the things that still matter today. (I skipped things like “Setting up WiFi”, since these topics are very different and much easier these days.)

So, LBo is back. With broken links and missing pictures, but these things might come later…

I hope what remains right now proves usefull. For me, for you and for the community.